YouTube limits Resolution of HDR Videos up to 1080p

Since September, it’s possible to watch Hdr videos on YouTube with smartphones that support this technology. However, playing these high-resolution resolutions gave too many problems. Therefore, YouTube limits resolution of hdr videos to 1080p.

Resolution of hdr videos on YouTube

We do not know the exact reasons for this limitation, apparently, this was related to a problem that occurred when playing videos on the 1440p and higher definitions. Google probably did not find solutions and simply decided to limit HDR video playback to Full HD. It is clear that this strange situation will not be solved by a snap of the fingers, the most demanding users will have to be patient. Hopefully, Google decides to say more about this incident soon.

YouTube limits resolution of hdr videos up to 1080p

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More and more devices support hdr. This means “high dynamic range” and means that the colors are deeper and better contrast is shown. The videos are simply beautiful. However, the imaging technology also requires more of a smartphone’s hardware. As a result, high-resolution hdr videos do not work smoothly.In any case, users will be able to continue watching videos in HDR with a definition that is quite comfortable on a smartphone screen.

That’s striking because apps like Netflix do not have problems with HDD and high resolutions. Apparently, YouTube videos offer unique issues that Google cannot solve. Hopefully, the higher resolutions will return later. It’s a sin to not fully use the high resolution that supports smartphones


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