Qualcomm Quick charge 4+

Qualcomm announced a new version of its charging technology. With Quick Charge 4+ charge devices faster and safer. That is how it works.

On the one hand, we need larger batteries that last longer. On the other hand, we want them to load as pleasantly quickly. Several manufacturers are working in their own way for this second wish. Qualcomm is used as the main with Quick Charge since most manufacturers use this technology. Now the company introduces Quick Charge 4+ that your future phone recharges safer and faster.

Qualcomm Quick charge

The latter offers some improvements over the Quick Charge 4.0. First, the loading time is reduced by 15% according to the release. This is especially due to the enhancement of Dual Charge. It is a technology that uses two tracks integrated into the device to have the voltage delivered to the device while accelerating the load and reducing heat dissipation.

With Quick Charge 4+ charge smartphones to fifteen percent faster and increases efficiency by 30 percent. This may not sound like a huge step, but fast charging is currently one of the major pillars for smartphone makers and consumers. It is not for nothing that Qualcomm does an incremental update rather than waiting for Quick Charge 5. The first smartphone with the new Quick Charge version is Nubia Z17, but there undoubtedly will follow soon.