The windows backup and restore and its files is a subject on which every user should look. What’s more fierce than losing all the data stored for several years because of a crash of Windows or during the crash of its hard disk … But this loss of data can be avoided! By simply taking a little time to configure the backup of your PC, you will be protected from any data loss that we all know at one time or another.

To help us, Windows has 4 backup tools: System Restore, File Backup, File History, and system image backup Windows.But how do they work? How to use them and save their data? Can I backup both Windows and its files? How do I restore my data?

windows backup and restore

Windows Backup and Restore is a component of the Microsoft Windows operating system. This is a program that allows you to backup files and restore them from backups.

This component was introduced with Windows Vista and is available in later versions of Windows. The component has been depreciated in the most recent versions of Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: it is still present in the operating system, but it will no longer be improved. Microsoft says the program is underutilized and offers File History as a replacement for backups by the Backup and Restore component.

In Windows 7 backup files and folders is located in the Maintenance folder. To start it, click the Start button, All Programs, Maintenance, and Backup and Restore successively.

 windows 7 backup files and folders

Backup and restore supports two types of backup: file backup and system image.

Two types of backup files are available. In the first type, the normal backup, all files selected for backup are copied to the backup device. In the second type of backup, incremental backup, only the files modified since the last full backup are copied.

The full disk backup system option called complete PC backup in Windows Vista or system image in Windows 10, allows the creation of a complete system disk image, including the operating system and data folders.

windows 10 recovery

The saved disk image can then be restored using the Windows Recovery either on the same computer or on another computer of a different model or type. The file format used to save the disk image is VHD. With Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate, when a full system backup has been made, the resulting VHD image can be used to restore a file or restore the entire system.