This is why you will not use Pokémon GO cheats

Pokémon GO-maker Niantic has warned several times that players may use any pokémon Go cheats. Now the company has a smart but shabbily designed to punish cheaters. Several players namely claim to have a ‘shadowban. This means that they have the game just to keep playing, but that crop up much less special Pokémon. Players without warning example see a large variety of animals in a specific location, while players with a simple pidgeys shadowban there alone, so ratata’s encounter.

This kind of punishment is not yet confirmed by Niantic itself. Players are, however, convinced that this is a deliberate method to use to deter cheaters cheat. Reddit is there a list of Pokémon that can and can not catch players with shadowban.

Pokemon Go Cheats

The timing to cheaters in Pokémon GO right now against is not for nothing. The game almost celebrates its first birthday and probably the last dive the Legendary Pokémon that players have been waiting for so long. Consider the rare Mewtwo and Zapdus. These are special monsters that you can not just get my hands on. Cheats allows the capture of these Pokemon easier.

Under cheating is as Niantic include using modified or unofficial software Pokémon GO. Even if you have multiple accounts, you share or sell your account, you’re a cheater. Use your resources to match your location, instead of physically go there? Then you are doing wrong. Even the use of cards to see which Pokemon can not emerge.


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