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Will the iPhone 8 shake the high-end of Android!


The iPhone 8 is approaching, and the rumors about its capabilities are going well. But will it really make what to shake the high-end Android Android this year? As the new phones unfold, the position of Apple seems increasingly difficult. He who has often been seen as the innovator of the sector will have to play big.

iPhone 8 rumors edition
The beginning of a year is always the time when we can discover what are the trends launched by the Android manufacturers that will hold throughout this one. However, his main rival, at least on the main, quietly waits for the autumn before launching.

We’re obviously talking about Apple. And this year, the situation of this one is special: while Samsung introduced its Galaxy S8, that LG disembarks with its G6, the American must impress to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. But will it have enough to compete effectively, and at what point will it have to stand out in 2017? Answer here!
What does Apple prepare for its iPhone 8 in 2017?

iphone 8

Let us first recall the facts. In 2017, the US manufacturer probably will not play the card of the simple “S” version of its products. Indeed, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the release of the first iPhone.

In other words, it will be necessary to play at least the sentimental card and has maximized the innovation on all points to mark the blow. Also, it seems that Apple has planned 3 different iPhone models, including an “iPhone 8 Edition” model supposed to represent the best of what the manufacturer has to offer in the years to come.

The points that we will discuss hereafter are likely to concern several or a single model in this supposed line-up. The purpose of this article is simply to take stock of what Android offers this year, and what Apple could offer to counter it. To simplify its reading, we will, therefore, speak only of iPhone 8, the most general term possible.

The design of the iPhone 8 must change, or die
Galaxy s8 vs iPhone 7
Behind this reference to the film, 50 cent hides a reality of this market in 2017: the design of smartphones finally evolves after some time of stagnation. The borderless is now on us, and the fashion launched this year will be sure to continue in the years to come.

However, the design of Apple phones has not really changed in recent years. If he just released an “iPhone 7S”, it would be difficult for anyone to defend it against the Galaxy S8, LG G6 and other Xiaomi Mi Mix of this world.

Fortunately, it seems that Apple is also turning to the borderless this year. Inspired by the 3D Touch and the new Home button of the iPhone 7, which is capacitive with a haptic feedback, it should integrate its buttons directly on its screen.

Not to lose its consumers, accustomed to their home button, while being able to propose a new design. All equipped with a fingerprint scanner integrated directly on the screen, to continue to use the Touch ID without worries.

The whole thing would indeed be extremely innovative if however, Apple is able to integrate it this year. Samsung wanted the same type of fingerprint scanner but did not get there. The American could take advantage of its release in autumn to integrate it into its final form. Or be forced to make concessions, such as integrating the Home button on the back of the phone, which would tarnish its design.

The screen of the iPhone 8 must be the best

iphone 8
For a few years, Samsung has taken a real lead on the field of screens by having been the first to embrace the OLED. This year, the Korean manufacturer would have signed an agreement to produce, for 2 years, the screens of its future iPhone.

So it seems that the year 2017 is finally the year when the iPhone 8 will abandon the LCD for the OLED. We, therefore, hope very much for this change, the American manufacturer having managed to pull up this aspect of our smartphones.

But it will face an internal competition from its supplier. The Galaxy S8 has already been voted best mobile screen on the market, and the brand has proven its expertise over many years. The comparison is likely to be in the small details, but not necessarily in favor of the iPhone 8. It will need to find a specific point on which to stand out.

Is the Apple A11 ready to dominate the world’s Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895?
A10 Fusion Apple
We are in the Android universe, battles of components and especially on the SoC. But Apple creates its own designs, making it difficult to establish exactly what it will offer us this year.

The Apple A10 Fusion of 2016 was already very good in itself, and the manufacturer never really disappointed on this ground. Particularly while coupled with the optimization of iOS, its iPhone often arrive to be equal level or even exceed the Android phones.

This year, however, is the year of engraving at 10nm. The Exynos 8895 as the Snapdragon 835 benefit. What’s more, Qualcomm has also returned to the 8 cores, pushing even further the capabilities of its platforms.

Apple must respond effectively to this. It is not certain that its 4 hearts little.BIG architecture is enough to stand up to the market giants this year. But on the simple use, the iPhone 7 Plus already resists the Galaxy S8: it could have a time ahead.

Dual generalized sensor for the iPhone 8
Iphone 7 black jay scandal
Last year, the data sheet of the iPhone 7 unveiled sensors theoretically below what its competitors could do. The Plus had an additional functionality for him: the integration of a dual photo sensor, allowing a very successful bokeh effect.

This year, we could bet on the fact that the iPhone 8 will integrate, no matter the model, a dual photo sensor. While the Galaxy S8 keeps more or less the same sensor as the S7, it could iron in front of the Android phones easily. Apple’s always excellent software optimization helping, it would then be difficult to dethrone him.

Competition tightens between iPhone and Android
For several years already, and to force Apple to rest on its laurels, the competition between iPhone and high-end Android tightens more and more. In 2017, it can be seen that the American manufacturer has land on which to play.

Since it is not really customary to inquire about the budget of its customers, the firm could push new technologies much more easily than its competitors like the integration of a fingerprint scanner under the screen and A much more innovative design even if expensive to produce.

But there are some fields on which he might not compete. The mastery of the OLED by Samsung makes any battle difficult to carry out, while Google could create again the surprise with the photo sensors of its Google Pixel 2.

On pure performance, Apple will, of course, be able to count on the optimization of its iOS. But the raw power offered by the Snapdragon 835, and especially the sophistication of its GPU, could harm him.

All that can be said by observing the market as it is currently, is that the iPhone 8 and high-end Android may well be neck and neck on many points. One thing is certain: this year, more than ever, the iPhone has to surpass itself.