WhatsApp update 2017 lets users send any type of file

WhatsApp Update 2017 with more options

WhatsApp update 2017 now has support for more file types. So you can easily send any kind of attachment to everyone in your contact list.

For reasons known only by WhatsApp, until now file transfers were limited to certain formats. Besides video files, images and sounds/songs, you can send various office files such as tables, texts, and PDFs. WhatsApp intends to change things by proposing the sending of any file (a .PSD for example).

whatsapp update 2017 features

Another problem: we do not know when this update will be available to the general public, it is for the moment only in the test phase for some users. Patient, this should happen quickly.

Although WhatsApp you for a long time provides the option to send files that functionality was limited. In addition to photos, office documents, and you could not help but share with users. That problem is now being addressed by an update.

The latest version of WhatsApp lets users share any type of file. Think of apk files to share apps with friends, or zip files that you share an entire folder full of data at once. Sharing files works the same way as before. In the app, press the paper clip bottom of the screen, and then choose which you want to send the file type.

Existing file types benefit from the update. JPEG images were previously reduced in size. With compression, the file is smaller, but the quality went backward. After installing the update images are transmitted without compression. Send you, they are also bundled multiple photos at once.

Totally without restrictions, the system, moreover, is not. A file that you send via your Android smartphone can be up to 100MB in size. Send your WhatsApp via The Web, then the limit is even slightly lower: up to 64MB. Finally, the dial interface slightly modified via WhatsApp. If someone calls you now take on by swiping up, rather than to the right.

WhatsApp update 2017 for Android

WhatsApp via the link below to download. The app is free and works on almost any modern Android smartphone.


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