How to use whatsapp on two phones in one number

WhatsApp, two phones one number

Suppose you have one smartphone and two phone numbers that you would like to WhatsAppen on the same device.whatsapp on two phones in one number It would be useful to simply create an additional account on WhatsApp, allowing you to switch between, for example, your private and business WhatsApp. Unfortunately, this can not be done.

whatsapp two phones one number is very much over there. The official website states: “Your WhatsApp account can only be verified with one number on one device. There is no possibility to have a WhatsApp account for both numbers. ” Even if you have an Android smartphone with space for two SIM cards, you can not use two phone numbers with WhatsApp.

whatsapp two phones one number

The solution is actually very simple. You can only use one phone number with WhatsApp, but what if you install WhatsApp twice on your phone? Officially not, but there are many Android apps that let you get another app. Good working examples are App Cloner and Parallel Space.

With these clone apps, you make an exact copy of an existing app on your phone, which you can then use next to the original. That way, you can set the cloned version of WhatsApp to be linked to your second phone number. You must then be able to receive the verification message that WhatsApp sends by SMS. That message goes to your second phone number, so make sure that the corresponding SIM card is in use.

Versions WhatsApp web

In the Google Play Store, there is also a growth in WhatsApp-like apps that promise to let you have two phone numbers WhatsAppen on one phone, but that’s not all right. These apps, with names like Dual WhatsWeb or Multiple Accounts: Parallapp, are just simply envelopes built around WhatsApp’s web version.

So, it’s like using WhatsApp Web of your business phone number on your private device, where all your usual WhatsApp is on. Technically, you actually have WhatsApp twice on your smartphone, but your other device should always be on and stay connected to the Internet. In addition, these free apps are well-equipped with ads.



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