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WhatsApp message malfunction, users suffered from unsent messages.


Many WhatsApp users experience a sudden failure in the messaging. Whatsapp Message that you send are not received or only much later by your friends. The cause is still unknown.
Twitter and other social media come this afternoon many reports of a disturbance on WhatsApp. Since giving approximately 13:00 many users that the app does not seem to be working correctly. Send you a message, will appear to many users, only one tick image. In some cases, the message is not delivered, even after a few minutes. In other cases, the message will be sent properly, but still, shows a single tick.


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The problem seems to occur worldwide and appears to take random users. Some indicated that they do not suffer from problems. Not every message seems to be affected. Also, some users may suddenly not connect to WhatsApp Web. At a time of writing, the cause is still unknown. WhatsApp has not responded to the problems, and it is unclear how long they last.



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