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SendAnyFile lets you send any type of file to your contacts on WhatsApp. Normally leave the app, but a limited number of file formats to including documents, photos, and videos. The application uses this feature to ‘disguise’ as document files, and WhatsApp sends them trouble.

Sending a file is quite simple. You open the Sharing menu in WhatsApp for documents, then you choose the sidebar “SendAnyFile. Then type in the file explorer on your file, and SendAnyFile does the rest. You can also send a file to SendAnyFile from another app using “Share”, which then asks where you want to send with your converted file. This works well for example Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

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The app is not only useful for file types that are not supported, but also for photos and videos. WhatsApp reduces automatically when you send them via the app, sometimes leading to significant deterioration. With the app, you solve this problem by sending the files in their original form. Keep in mind that you have this (much) sends more data when using 4G.

sendanyfile whatssap

SendAnyFile via free download from the Play Store link below. To use the app, your device has Android 4.4 or higher.