How to Use the Reachability feature on iPhone x

One of the most important strengths of iPhone X is its giant screen, but some users may find it annoying. This is why Apple provided a solution for these users via the Reachability feature that was detected via iPhone 6 Plus in 2014

The iPhone X design is different from all iPhone designs, so it came with a new user interface, and a large number of other features.

This phone includes a set of invisibly functions such as activating the reachability feature and disabling Attention Awareness to make face ID less sensitive and how to use the screen lock icons and more…

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When the iPhone x was officially detected, some wondered about how to activate the access mode without a key menu button, as some rumours spread that the company may give up this feature which will make it use the iPhone with one hand and is very difficult but it turns out that can activate these The property.

How to Enable Reachability on iPhone X

You can Activate this feature on an iPhone X through the following steps

  1. Go to Settings App
  2. tap on General
  3. Press the Accessibility
  4. Activate the reachability feature toggle ON
  5. Open an Application
  6. Drag downward on the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen

If you are a phone owner for iPhone 6, 7 and 8 and you want to use that property, you can press two consecutive times on the Home button to find that the screen has it is minimized to your fingertips, and in order to cancel this property, double-click the same button and the screen will return to normal.

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