How to Upload Apple iCloud photos to PC windows

Users of Apple phones such as iPhone and iPad rely on the iCloud service to store a copy of the photos and data and private information and deal with them later, or when you lose those files from your iPhone or iPad. if you want to pull your photos from Apple iCloud for some reason If you’d like to stop paying for this service, Today we’ll give you the steps you’ll need to upload Apple iCloud photos to PC.

Steps to upload Apple iCloud photos to PC

1. First, Access the download page of the iCloud App in this link iCloud, which brings you the in the application of iCloud.

Download iCloud photos to Windows

2. Run icloudsetup.exe.

Run icloudsetup.exe

3- Accept the program terms.

Retrieve images from icloud storage

4- Then choose install.

5- Press Yes as shown in the following picture.

Download icloud photos to pc

6- Then click Finish.

Transfer images from icloud storage

7- Then click Yes to restart.

upload Apple iCloud photos to PC

8- Afterwards, Enter your Apple ID and password and press Sign In.

Download photos from icloud

9- Select whether you want to share usage information with Apple.

Drag images from Apple's icloud

10- Then choose option next to Photos to confirm your photo settings.

Install icloud images on Windows

11-Make sure the box next to iCloud Photo Library is activated and press Done.

Install Apple icloud on Windows

12- Click Apply.

Bring photos from Apple to Windows PC


13- Then press the Start Menu button.

Retrieve icloud images to windows

14- Choose your recently installed ICloud Photos.

Run Apple iPod PhotoLoad on Windows PC

15- Select Download photos and videos.

Drag full pictures of Apple icloud to Windows

16- Select All, which everyone has to put a reference to.

17- Then press the Download button.

Sync Apple iPod Photos with Windows

18- Click Downloads

Open Apple iPod Photos on Windows PC

19- Finally, The images will start downloading from the Apple iCloud account to your computer.


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