How To Update Windows 10

The version of Windows 10 is the best versions of Windows in Microsoft History, and the company is working to develop this version via some updates that you send to the user on a regular basis this is what made this version of Windows the best on to launch, and in this blog we’ll explain how to update Windows 10 in several method

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Updating your operating system is an important thing to improve your system and add many features to it, which is a process that is easy and safe for some sometimes, but there are still a lot of users who do not prefer the update because of some the problems they face

Now all users of the version of Windows 10 can get the final version by upgrading and updating through the Windows version itself or by downloading the version of Windows 10 ISO or via tool Get Windows 10 from Microsoft

First Method: How to update windows 10 through the Windows version itself ?

Click Settings

Click Update

Choose Check for Updates


Second Method: How to update windows 10 through tool “Get Windows 10” from Microsoft ?

This method is the best is very simple, just follow these steps

You must enter the official website of Microsoft to download the tool Get Windows 10

After the download is finished click on the tool

Press Update Now

update windows 10

You can hide the Refresh window in the taskbar without any problems by pressing Minimize

windows 10 update

After finishing I’ll show you a window asking you to reboot your computer

Notice: You must upgrade and update the Windows 10 version in order to obtain a large series of new features that come with each new version, with fixed some problems in older versions

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