unlock your Android device with your face ID

The iPhone X was unveiled. One of the most striking new features was Face ID, the ability to unlock your smartphone with your face. However, the option has been on Android for years, and this is how you activate it, On Android, the feature is called “Trusted face” and it lets you unlock your Android device with your face ID within Smart lock with the release of Android Lollipop.

6 Steps to unlock your Android device with your face ID

Apple presented Face ID with a lot of bombing, but Android users may have known this option for quite some time. The exact name may differ from device to device, depending on the manufacturer, but Google itself calls it Trusted Face or Face Unlock. The option itself has been found in the operating system since Android 5.0 (Lollipop), which appeared in 2014.

Want to activate Trusted Face on your Android smartphone? Then follow these 6 steps below.May let’s unlock your Android device with your face ID

1.Go to Settings on your device;
2.Choose “Security” (or “Security and Location” if you’re using Android Oreo );
3.Select the ‘Smart Lock’ option under the heading ‘Device Security’;
4.Enter your security code to open the menu;
5.Then select the “Trusted Face” or “Trusted Face” option;
6.Then, follow the steps that appear in the picture to set up face scans on your smartphone.

unlock your Android device with your face ID
Note: The process may vary from device to device, as manufacturers often make adjustments to Android. Thus, the option on Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S8 is called face recognition. Also, some devices give the option to make the more intensive scan, to improve security.

Less safe than a fingerprint scanner

However, it should be noted that the Face Unlock option appears to be a lot less secure than Apple’s FaceID variant. For example, in many Android smartphones, you can also unlock all your smartphones with a picture because most devices do not measure depth. Therefore, they do not see a difference between a flat picture and a real face.

Apple claims to solve that problem by placing a large number of scanners and sensors on the front of the device. A so-called TrueDepth camera projects 30,000 invisible points on the user’s face to scan as accurately as possible. Wherever Android with Face Unlock actually compares two still images, Apple puts in some sophisticated scanning technology.