Universal Clipboard: Copy from Mac and paste Directly in iPhone,iPad

What makes Apple unique is the great harmony between its devices, as you can do a lot of things on the iPhone at the same time on the Mac and use common features between these devices to ensure data transfer and synchronization and many other things After the release of MacOS Sierra and iOS 10 in 2016, Today, we will learn an explanation of copy and paste on iPhone and iPad by using Universal Clipboard. We will use the MacBook Pro on MacOS Sierra and the iPhone 5S on iOS 10.

At first, iPhone and Mac devices that support Universal Clipboard are shown in the following picture:

How to use Universal Clipboard on your Mac

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How to Set up Universal Clipboard MacBook settings

1- Go to your Mac to set up the property and go to Settings and choose General

How to copy & paste between Mac and iPhone

2- At the bottom of the menu, you will find the option “Allow Handoff between this Mac …” We will activate it:

How to use the Universal Clipboard on iOS

How to Set Up Universal Clipboard on iPhone and iPad

1- Go to your phone settings and choose “General”:

How to Set Up Universal Clipboard for Your Mac and iOS Devices

2- Then press the Handoff option



By doing so, we have completed the basic settings. We still have the ability to verify the activation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices. Now you can copy texts, images, and videos from your Mac using the Copy option and paste them directly into your iPhone using the Paste option.

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