How to Turn Off Windows 8/8.1/10 Updates

As with Windows 7, you can control Windows 8 updates and stop them completely, but you should know that the updates are used to the device in a working way where the company that produces the operating system from time to time to solve the system problems by providing a new update that addresses the previous errors or Works to provide hardware resources plus security updates. In order to solve the problems and errors of the system in addition to security updates, especially users who have a weak Internet connection. So, here’s a simple way to let you turn off Windows 8 updates permanently.

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Steps To Turn Off Windows 8 Updates

  • First Method:

1- Firstly, Go to Setting and choose Control Panel.

Turn Off Windows 8 Updates

2- Here look for the ‘Windows Update‘ option.

Disable Windows 8 Updates

3- Through ‘Change settings’ make sure to modify the settings to ‘Never check for updates (not recommended)’.

Stop Windows 8 auto-updates

4- With the above options, you can activate the Windows update.


Second Method:

1. Click Win + R to show you a run. Type the following services.msc in the box and then click enter.


2. Now you will see the Services Window drop down to the bottom until you find “Windows Update”. Double click on the last.

windows update

3. Finally, in front of the “Startup type” option, you will find a drop-down menu, click on it and choose the fourth option (last) “Disabled”. Then click OK.

windows update properties

Note: Do not forget to press “Stop” before performing the previous step.

So we have finished Windows 8 automatic updates permanently. For reference, only this method works also with the Windows 8.1 version.

How to Stop Windows 10 Updates


First Option: Stop Windows 10 Updates on a Specific Wi-Fi Network

To start, go to “Settings” in Windows, and you can move very quickly by clicking on the shortcut Windows + character I, then click on the “network and internet” option, click wifi from the side menu and click “manageknown networks “then show you all the Wi-Fi networks on your computer or the networks on which you were connected before, select which network you want to prevent Windows 10 from updating when you are connected to it and click on Properties. Finally, you notice the Set as metered connection option Disables it.

Stop Windows 10 Updates


Anytime you wish to update Windows 10 you will need to activate the Set as metered connection option again by following the same steps above, but instead of turning off you will reverse and turn on.

Second Option: Stop Windows 10 Updates By ‘ Win Updates Disabler Tool’

Win Updates Disabler is a very simple, dedicated, and developed tool for Windows 10 users to disable Windows 10 updates in one click, the tool is easy to use and has a clean, ad-free interface that makes it easy to use.

 Win Updates Disabler Tool

All you need to do is download and install the tool and then you will notice that three different tabs appear in the main interface of the tool and include a (Disable, Enable, Language tab). Click on the Disable tab and then select “Disable Windows Updates” and then you will have to restart Windows to apply and save changes.

  • You can Download Win Updates Disabler Tool Here.


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