Google Play Music

Google Play Music is trying to spend the next few weeks extra to the man, as the search giant music service allows users the four-month free trial. Normally there is a trial period of three months, after which you pay monthly 10.00 $ to keep listening. In the coming weeks, so you can save a tenner, though it is unclear when the offer is valid.

The offer only applies to new subscribers and on this page to find. Click on “Subscribe” and then choose a payment method to pay for the music service after four months. Good to know that only the link to a PC or Mac shows the right offer. Mobile displays the normal trial period of 90 days.


Google play music

With Google Play Music gives you access to 35 million songs and you can upload up to 50,000 songs in the app. As with Spotify, there are quite a few differences between the free and paid version of the music service. The paid version of Play Music lets you listen, for example, ad-free music download for offline use and unlimited skips songs.

Earlier this year Google published his first podcast ( City Soundtracks ) on Play Music. Unfortunately, though you can hear the podcast through other podcast apps for Android.