transfer your SMS between two Android smartphones

Here you have just purchased your new Android smartphone. Once the excitement of the first moments passed, it will be necessary to think about the settings and especially to transfer your SMS between two Android smartphones. Rest assured the task is not as complicated as it seems. However, universal and infallible, the service of short messages is still in the majority. And it will certainly remain the basic solution until the generalization of RCS, successors of SMS and MMS.

Facebook Comments Plugin Facebook Messenger that is hosted online or WhatsApp conversations that are easy to backup and restore, SMS are less obvious to transfer a smartphone to another.

Until version 7.1.1, Android has actually backed up the online backup of contacts, calendar or compatible application data, but surprisingly not SMS. SMS backup is no longer available on Android 7.1.2 and Android O.

In the meantime, you have to use a third-party application. Some manufacturers make their own transfer applications (Huawei Phone Clone, Samsung Smart Switch), but there are also universal applications.

Here’s how to transfer your SMS between two Android smartphones of all brands?

We have selected the SMS Backup & Restore application, proposed by the Carbonite backup specialist. The application is totally free and ad-free. As the name suggests, she can only do one thing, but she does it well. Here is how to use it:

  • Install and launch SMS Backup & Restore on both smartphones

How to transfer your SMS between two Android smartphones of all brands

  •  Next, at the old phone, tap Transfer and then “Send from this phone”
  •  After that, on the new, tap Transfer and then “Receive on this phone”

The application uses Wi-Fi Direct, that is to say, it establishes a direct connection between the two smartphones, it is useless to connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to transfer your SMS between two Android smartphones of all brands

  •  By the old phone, select your new phone
  • At the new phone, on the “Invitation to connect”, tap on “Accept”

carbonite transfert

  • Afterward, on the old phone, choose “Transfer existing SMS and call logs from your phone” and tap “OK”.
  • On the new phone, to the question “Do you accept the transfer”, tap on “Accept and restore”

  • The old smartphone saves calls and SMS and then transfers them to the new phone

  • The restore procedure on the new phone is more complex because it requires SMS Backup & Restore to be the default SMS application. But just follow the instructions on the screen, as shown here

  • All that remains is to restore your default SMS application. The universal solution is to go to the Android Settings, then in Applications, tap the gear to access the “Configure Apps” screen, from which you can change the default SMS application

  • On some smartphones, it is enough to re-launch its usual SMS application, which is generally in the dock of the launcher, so that it proposes to you to become again the SMS application by default.

  • Restart the SMS application, if everything went well, your SMS is restored!

You can then uninstall the SMS Backup & Restore application, or configure it to schedule backups of your SMS and call log to be imported to Google Drive.