How to Transfer files from PC to Android via Wifi

As for the question of how to Transfer files from PC to Android device and file management, ES File Explorer is a big help. In order for you to perform this task much faster and wirelessly, the following tips are for your reference.This way you can transfer files very large and move in the computer easily using mobile.

First of all, you should have both computers and Android mobile connected on the same Internet or Wi-Fi network

To transfer files from PC to Android via Wifi follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sharing files to share with the mobile device

First, log in to the computer and then right-click on the disk to share or transfer files from or in it and then select.

Properties> Sharing> Advanced sharing> share this folder

Step 2: Download and install the application that enables the mobile to connect with the computer

You can search for ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store. Then finish the installation after you find it.

Step 3: Set application settings to allow access to computer files

After downloading and installing the application on the mobile open the application and from the far left click on the three lines shown as a picture and then choose Network and then chose clicking on the new button to fill in all the essential information. You should know that your domain name is the first field, and the second is for you to enter the IP address of the PC.

Transfer files from PC to Android

Step 4: Once the LAN is pressed as above, the application will search the entire network for the devices on it. Select your computer, enter the USB and the password if you have already set it, and then click Connect to access the files that you have shared with the computer.

Transfer files from PC to Android

Step 5: Click on the folder, you have access to desktop folders on the Android device. This allows you to Transfer files from PC to Android, including copying and pasting any file.

Transfer files from PC to Android  ES file explorer



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