The easiest way to transfer data from Android

It is today world backup day. We explain how to quickly and easily transfer Data from Android to your new Android smartphone, even if you switch from iOS or Windows to Android.

Her’s 3 steps to Transfer data from Android smartphones

This spring, a whole host of new smartphones have appeared on the market. In addition to the LG G6, the Motorola Moto G5, and the Huawei P10, Samsung also launches its new flagship, the Galaxy S8. For many people, it means that a lot of data needs to be transferred to a new smartphone.

Most users will know how to make photos and videos accessible through the cloud everywhere. For this, you can use services like Dropbox or Google Drive, but if you switch to a new device, it’s so nice if you can take more than just single files. Sharing data between two Android devices is not so difficult at all, especially when it comes to two smartphones from the same manufacturer.

If you purchased a new phone from another manufacturer or even with another operating system, then it’s another story. However, with the three methods below, this is also very good.

1. Transfer your data via Google

One of the easiest ways to transfer Data from Android by using your Google Account. From Android 5.0 Lollipop, it is possible to save a backup of all your data in this account. This concerns not only business like apps, but also your contacts, passwords, bookmarks, and so on. Photos and videos are synced using a cloud service like Google Photos. This ensures that you have access to all your photos, anywhere, and save storage space on your device.

On which account the data is saved, see ‘Settings → Accounts → Google’. Here you can set up another or an additional account. Touch the sliders behind the respective components to turn them on. For example, Android is able to constantly synchronize apps, contacts, and documents

How to Transfer Data from Android to other Platform (iOS,Windows)

How to Transfer Data from Android to other Platform (iOS,Windows)








The easiest way to transfer data from Android

Installing this data on a new device is actually very simple. When you turn on Android for the first time, you’ll need to go through a few steps, in the beginning, setting the device. Choose for the manual setup and enter your Google Account. If you have two-step verification, you must enter the correct code.

Then you can choose from which phone you want to restore all data and which apps you want to install. This way you will clean up your ship right away with all apps that you’ve never lost to your new device. All stored data will now be placed on your smartphone. It’s smart to have Wi-Fi, as downloading the apps requires quite a bit of your database. Also, other saved data such as your contacts will be transferred, and Gmail or Google+ accounts, for example, will be automatically linked.

2. Touch and finish

Then there is also the possibility to transfer data to your new Android via NFC data. This option is usually only available on more expensive smartphones: so please check the specs of the device before considering this way. Nfc stands for ‘Near Field Communication’, a technology that can be found in the OC chip card and in bank cards that allow you to pay contactless.

How to Transfer Data from Android to other Platform (iOS,Windows) How to Transfer Data from Android to other Platform (iOS,Windows)

Transferring your data through NFC can be done in two ways. The easiest way is to do this during the installation process with Tap & Go, a feature that was introduced to Android 5.0 Lollipop. A great deal of this method is that in principle any Android smartphone with version 5.0 or higher and NFC can use this functionality. Also, if you switch to another manufacturer.

Run the installation steps on your new device until prompted for data to be transferred. It is told to unlock your old device and hold the back of both devices together until you hear a sound. Then, everything, including your home screen and your Google Account, will be transferred to your new device via Bluetooth. System settings and wifi passwords are also taken over. What you need to do is transfer photos and videos from the cloud or desktop.

Sharing data via NFC can also be done when you have already completed all installation steps. Manufacturers have created different apps there. However, this is especially useful when both smartphones come from the same manufacturer. For example, Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, an app that continues the process as described above, transfers data from your iOS or Android device to your new Samsung. Samsung smartphones from the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have already incorporated Smart Switch into their software.


If you only want to share one app from the Play Store or a single photo, then you can. Make sure both NFC on both devices are on and open the file you want to transfer. Then hold the back of the devices briefly together until you hear the sound. Make sure the screens of both smartphones are on. The sender ticks the screen to send the file after which it is transferred to the other device.

3. Transfert Your data from android to iOS, Windows

Of course, there are third parties who have developed their own app or method to exchange data between Androids from different manufacturers and even iOS or Windows. A popular application is Copy My Data, which lets you exchange your contacts, calendar, photos, and videos between different Android devices or from your Android to an iPhone and vice versa.

move to ios

The app uses the Wi-Fi network, which requires that both devices not only have the app installed but also connected to the same network. You can then select which data you want to share with your new phone. Such an app is also useful if you do not want to switch to a new device, but you want to share your information with family and friends.

Apple has copied the Copy My Data data appropriately to create an Android app to iOS app. Under the name Move to iOS, the app was released on the Google Play Store again and proved to be a lot less popular than the original version, most likely because the app is very explicitly intended to move from Android to Apple’s competitor. The things that can be transferred are a lot more extensive than at Copy My Data. This allows you to transfer your contacts, message history, photos and videos, bookmarks, email accounts, and calendars.