Top 3 apps to save Snapchat photos, videos & history on iOS or Android

Snapchat is most used photo sharing apps With more than 180 million daily active users You can send a photo, video, or text to Snapchat and the message expires after after the recipient sees them. but many Snapchat users would like to save Snapchat photos and videos longer to view them again and again. That’s why it’s useful to know how to save Snapchat videos and other photos made via the app.But in fact, you can save Snapchat photos, videos, or shared history on Snapchat, because there are apps available to back up Snapchat data on Android or iOS . Today, we present you 3 applications that are already confirmed their efficiencies and their powers.

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Top 3 apps to save Snapchat photos, videos & history on iOS or Android

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Snapbox is the best app to save Snapchat photos and videos,Snapbox available for Android and IOS, all Snapchat photos or videos can be saved permanently. Whenever you receive a snap message, open the Snapbox app and sign in with your Snapchat user ID and enter the password, all your Snap data will be can save photos and stories without opening them

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SnapSaver is the perfect companion for Snapchat, SnapSaver is a best Android application for recording your messages you received on Snapchat. This application allows you to download any photos or videos you receive and save them to your device. You should note that snaps must be saved before opening them on Snapchat.SnapSaver is completely free, with no limited features

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SaveMySnaps is an Android application that allows you to view all your data and download them at the same time. You must remember to download them before previewing them.You can also send Snaps or Stories from your gallery or from your videos,the application does its job perfectly, free and small size, the SaveMySnaps is no longer listed on Google Play store, you can still download it from link bellow

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Here are the Top 3 apps to save Snapchat photos, videos & history on iOS or Android . if you have other better apps to offer, Leave your comment below.

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