Top 3 Alternative Android Keyboards

One of the great strengths of Android is precise to be able to customize the interface of your phone through just an application to install. we will give you the selection of the top three Alternative Android Keyboards to replace the official Android keyboard. Android phones and tablets all have different keyboards depending on system versions and builders, The Google keyboard is good, but it’s not the only one!You are not limited to the virtual keyboard provided by default on your Android device, The Google Play Store is full of alternative keyboards. To help you make your choice and enjoy the best typing experience possible, and customize your design, layout, stickers, emojis, written predictive text, shortcuts… there are many ways to create a virtual keyboard that looks like you. Especially when you know which apps to turn to! In this article, we will give you the selection of the best 3 alternative keyboards to replace the official Android keyboard,

Top 3 Alternative Android Keyboards:

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1-SwiftKey Keyboard

Alternative Android Keyboards

SwiftKey is a rich keyboard that is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 or later.Developed by “TouchType Ltd”, SwiftKey offers a variety of themes that you can download and apply for free. The app has more than 250 million followers around the world, More than just a smart keyboard, make your input even faster, SwiftKey is very easy to customize. Basically, it offers around twenty different themes, others are accessible from the SwiftKey Store. With the support of the cloud, you can synchronize your own style on all devices that you use, smartphones, tablets.

2-GO Keyboard – Emoticon keyboard, Free Theme, GIF

Alternative Android Keyboards

GO Keyboard is a free application offers its own alternative keyboard for Android devices designed to provide you with a fast, efficient and customizable keyboard, GO Keyboard was a must for those who wanted to put some color on their keyboard. GO Keyboard themes can be customized with more than 10,000 themes, and you can create your own theme or enrich its repertoire of emoticons with different plugins.


3-Fleksy Keyboard – Power your chats & messages

Alternative Android Keyboards

Fleksy is a free keyboard for Android phones that helps you improve the speed and accuracy of your typing. and has a powerful correction tool that will identify your errors and fix them. This keyboard will help you to enrich your text messages with GIF images as well as more than a thousand colorful emojis and free stickers.

The flesky keyboard offers many features such as gesture capture, a variety of emoticons and the ability to create your own theme with third-party extensions included in the application.

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