Top 10 Tips and Tricks to better Use Snapchat App

Snapchat has long been the super trend app. But faced with the rise of Instagram that continues to conquer new users, developers have had to redouble inventiveness. The functions of Snapchat have gradually been expanded. So much so that it is not always easy to see clearly. Here are some tips to better use snapchat ephemeral photo-sharing app.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to better Use Snapchat App

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In spite of a huge success among young people, Use Snapchat is far from the easiest Android app to apprehend, first because of the ephemeral nature of members’ publications, then because of the originality of its concept which, paradoxically enough, is also one of the main factors of its popularity.

Still, when you just Download Snapchat and create an account on the social network, either you get hooked right away, or you decide to close the application and never open it again. If you opt for the second solution, then you miss one of the most trendy social networks of the moment, which would be a shame. That’s why today we offer you our top 10 tips and tricks to better use Snapchat.

1. How to Delete a snap from your story

Have you just posted a photo or video and you realize that you do not like it at all? Do not panic! It is entirely possible to delete it. For that, you just need to:

  • Swipe the screen from right to left
  • Click on your story
  • Click on the picture
  • Click on the cross to erase it

2. Who sees my snaps

As an informed cleverer, you know who you send your snaps to, but do you know who is watching them? For that, you just need to:

Swipe the screen from right to left to reveal your story
Click on your story to develop it
Click on an image or a video, below you will be indicated the number of people has viewed your snap (see image preceding paragraph). Then simply swipe the screen up and down to scroll through their names.

It should be noted that the stories are viewable in an unlimited way for a period of 24 hours. Traditional snaps are only viewable once but the company has recently introduced a replay option that can only be used once a day. In addition, in case it is not enough, Snapchat also offers a paid replay option with three replays for $ 0.99, but only in the US.

3. How to send a video on Snapchat

Like Instagram, Snapchat not only allows you to send photos on the social network but also short videos, here 10 seconds. To capture and post a video, simply press and hold the round down button at the center of the camera interface.

4. How to share a photo on Snapchat

The interface of Snapchat is very simple and very intuitive since it is that of a camera with, at the top left, a button to activate and deactivate the flash, at the top right, a button to juggle between the front sensor and the back camera and, at the bottom, a shutter release to take a picture with your smartphone.

Once your photo is taken and it suits you, just click on the arrow on the bottom right to share it. Note that at the top right, you will find the editing options we will discuss later, and in the bottom left, a button that will allow you to define how long your contacts will see your snap appear. The duration that can range from one second to 10 seconds. It’s up to you.

When you post a video or photo on the app, you do not have to share it with all of your friends. You can simply share it with one or two previously selected. For that, you just need to:

Post your captured image or video by clicking on the small arrow on the bottom right
Select “My Story” to send it to all of your friends or check the names of friends you want to send to share it with only a few contacts.

5. How to add friends on Snapchat

You have just downloaded the application and created your account and your friend’s list is still empty? Do not panic, it will quickly grow longer. To add friends, simply:

  • Click on the ghost icon at the top of the app’s homepage
  • Select the add friends option
  • Add your friends either from their username (if you know it) or by scrolling through the contacts in your address book using Snapchat. You can also invite your contacts who are not yet using the app to try it.

6. How to add filters to your images

What would a social photo network be without the ability to beautify your images and add the effects of your choice using filters? Fortunately, it is obviously possible with Snapchat. For that, you just need to:

  • Go to the Extra Options menu> Manage
  • Check the Filters box
  • To apply a filter to an image, simply drag it to the left or right after capture. You can also add the time or weather to your image.

Note that to add filters, you will have to let the application access your location, some integrating, for example, weather information or your city. Namely that one can put two filters superimposed, for that once the first filter put, you stay supported and you can again pass the filters to put a second.

7. How to add text to your photos

Do you have something to say? Why not add some text on your Snapchat photos just to personalize them a bit more? It’s very simple and you even have the choice between several fonts, sometimes you’d be tired of the traditional Times New Roman.

To add text to your images, simply click on the screen after capture and then enter the text of your choice on the keyboard. The police do not suit you? Click on the “T” logo at the top right of the screen to choose a new one.

8. How to use snapchat effects for selfies

Here’s how to use the daily effects for selfies:

  • Launch the application and set the camera in selfie mode
  • Make a long press on your face. If your smartphone is compatible (this is unfortunately not the case for everyone, many incompatibility problems have been identified), a kind of “cobweb” will then appear on your face.
  • Select the desired effect, then you will be asked to open your mouth or raise your eyebrows, the time that the effect is wedged to your face.
  • Click on the shutter button to take the picture.
  •  Click on the right arrow to post your snap, as you usually do.

9. How to use snapchat new video effects

Now Snapchat allows you to edit videos, you can speed up, slow down or play the video by rewinding.

  • Launch the Snapchat app and press and hold the shutter button to record your video
  • Swipe to the right to reveal the filters. The new ones are very simple to recognize. Thus, to accelerate the video, it will be necessary to select the little rabbit and to make a slow motion, the snail, to rewind it is necessary to select the small arrows back. When they told you they were very easily recognizable!
  • Once the filter is applied, click on the arrow, bottom right, to go to the next step and post your snap.

10. What is the Discover function

A few months ago, Snapchat introduced a new feature called Discover, becoming a new communication channel for different media. Some artists even took the opportunity to unveil their latest clip exclusively on Snapchat before posting it on VEVO.

To get to Discover, simply:

  • Swipe the screen from right to left
  • Select the media of your choice by scrolling the list from right to left




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