These are the three best offline navigation app for Android

It may be useful to have an offline navigation app on your smartphone. Not only to save MBs abroad but also for those places where you do not reach. With the following navigation apps you always and everywhere so you can always find your way access to accurate maps, regardless of whether you are connected.


Another popular navigation app Sygic. It uses the maps from TomTom, the well-known company behind sygic offline navigation appthe physical TomTom can almost every other country find the cards in Sygic making it a robust and reliable app.

Sygic is free to use, but there is a premium version is also available. The result will include voice-guided navigation, live speed, and a handy Heads-Up Display. To create offline maps, you do not pay, what Sygic is highly recommended.

2.Google Maps

Google MapsGoogle Maps is the most famous maps app for Android, and that reputation is in our opinion more than justified. The app has the most detailed maps, with lots of information about places on the map. Which is also provided by users, which is very complete maps offline

From the side menu, you can easily download maps you need. For this, you must define an area that you want to download. Please note: the larger the area, the more memory the card up. You can then navigate to your heart’s content, but to get more information about a restaurant or other place, you need a connection. In addition to updating the maps on your device once a month online.

3. Mobile TomTom GO

A good alternative that uses the same maps is TomTom GO Mobile. This app requires you to boot the first time immediately what cards you want to download, so you will only remember what you need. You can also download an entire continent, but then you lose your right 6 to 7GB.tomtom offline app

Unlike other apps in this list, TomTom GO Mobile is not free. Although you can navigate 75 kilometers per month free of charge, travel more than that, then you need a Premium account for 19.99 per year. There you get a lot in return: TomTom GO Mobile is a fairly well-equipped navigation app.