Bitcoin is an encrypted fake currency that needs a wallets that is placed in the currency and used to send and to receive the coin.

What is a bitcoin wallet ?

A wallet bitcoin is a wallet through which you use the coin with ease By trading on the digital currency platforms and making financial transactions easily, the Bitcoin wallet provides your own title of 34 characters and numbers.

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The Best 3 Wallets for Bitcoin currency

There are several wallets to bitcoin, but in this article we choose you the best 3 wallets have a good reputation in protection, speed and easy to handle, as well as low and reasonable conversion fees compared to the rest of the other electronic wallets

blockchain wallet

Blockchain is one of the best wallets bitcoin that was created in 2011 which characterizes this wallet as it does not retain the private keys of members on its own servers, in order to prevent any theft in the event of a breach of their network.

Blockchain wallet Features:

  • Available on most platforms
  • Do not retain the private keys for users
  • Easy to use
  • Provide a lot of tools for those interested in the field of trade in bitcoin
  • Automatically save backup copies of your wallet

Cons Blockchain Wallet

  • It’s hard to keep your privacy when you use the wallet.

How to creation of the Bitcoin wallet on the Blockchain website

  1. Sign in to the homepage
  2. Press get a FREE wallet
  3. Add your personal data to the wallet.
  4. Wait a bit until your wallet is created and you will get your wallet code

bitcoin core wallet

bitcoin core wallet is the first Bitcoin wallet was developed by the founder bitcoin himself. The wallet is now developed by the team of the bitcoin core.

bitcoin core wallet Features:

  • Stable and secure system
  • With an open source
  • High level of privacy

Cons Blockchain Wallet

  • Their use is limited to computers

coinbase wallet

This wallet was established in 2012, and then later evolved into a platform to sell and buy a bitcoin, and convert it into other currencies.

The Coinbase wallet is one of the best wallets that supports many countries around the world and is a wallet that supports many e-currencies, such as the Litecoin, bitcoin, Ethereum and not just the bitcoin.

coinbase wallet Features:

  • Easy and simple

Cons coinbase Wallet

  • Retain private keys for users
  • The strict procedures to prove personal identity

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