Thanks to Siri & Touch iD !! A 4-year old boy saves his mother’s life

thanks Siri & Touch iD !! boy saves mother life
  thanks Siri & Touch iD !! boy saves mother life1
All of you probably know the Touch ID function. It is what allows to block your phone and unlock it with a fingerprint.besides, this little girl had used it with force cunning using the finger of her mother asleep to buy toys.
Here’s another 4-year old boy, Roman Who used The Touch ID function with great ingenuity to help her mother.

While they were at home on March 7, in Croydon in north London, the mother of Roman fell ill and lost consciousness.

The 4-year old boy, Roman grabbed his mother’s finger to unlock her phone and called the emergency services through Siri .

The emergency operator was then able to contact Roman who reported that her mother was dead because her eyes were closed and she did not breathe. 

 The BBC has published a part of the telephone exchange between the emergency operator and Roman .

thanks Siri & Touch iD !! boy saves mother life1
Unable to give his address, it’s staying on the phone with him and discussing that he could guess where the child was located.
Thirteen minutes later the emergency department was able to take charge to support the mother that fortunately wasn’t dead.
thanks Siri & Touch iD !! boy saves mother life1
At Dailymail, the emergency officer said:”Being aware of these facts reminds you of the importance of teaching your children how to call police or emergency services. If you have nothing to do with them today, then sit down with them and make sure they know how to do whatever it takes to call the police or emergencies. This case reminds us that knowing can really save people’s lives.

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