Telegram 4.0 update with new features

Telegram regularly receives new features and meanwhile the chat app to version 4.0. After the update, users can finally video messages to each other. Tap a chat on the microphone and then switch to camera mode. After this, you need to hold the camera icon to record a video message. Conveniently, movies are automatically compressed, so that they arrive quickly at the receiver.

The Instant View platform is now available to everyone. When someone shares an article in your telegram, this can directly be read in chat app, instead of having to open a separate browser. Telegram is lighter versions of Web pages and displays only text, images, and videos.

telegram voic call block


Furthermore, Telegram launches version 4.0 the so Telescope. This is a separate video platform to quickly share videos with large groups of people. Do you have a public channel, Finally, support the various bots Telegram payments now. Because stores must belong to the payment platform of Telegram, it is unclear whether and how well this works in our country. But you should anyway have a credit card.

The latest version of Telegram rolls out in the Play Store. The app is free to download via the link below, where the size and required Android version vary by device.