teenager sues mother prevented using phone
There were times where my mom deprive me of playing, and that’s because I didn’t do my homework. But I never thought,and not once to say or do something with her, or to get angry with him, or to drag her to court, as did the Spanish teenager we will talk about in our topic.
This unnamed teenager from Spain did so after his mother confiscated his cell phone to try to get him to read his books and leave the phone aside.
Judge Louis Colomna, who heard the case in Court No 1 in Almeria, particularly not impressed by this, saying that the mother has the right and had taken “the right action.”
According to the Europa Press Agency, the judge said “it would not be a responsible mother if she allow her son to spend all his time on the phone And let his studies, which fail in it” what she did “required by law”.
One of the duties to be undertaken by a parent, as shown in the civil law, is to be responsible for the education of children, which is exactly what the Accused did in this case.
I didn’t know what happened after that, but I doubt that the 15 years teenager will get his phone for a while.
I also don’t know why he thought that going to court is a good idea.