How to take Screenshot pictures in iphone X

Screenshot pictures on iPhone X are one of the most important features that have appeared in phones in general since the advent of smartphone strings with all their versions and types and not just iPhone phones, and that advantage allows you to share what you see on your screen with other people in the form of pictures and footage.

It is possible that you can share with them messages that came to you or the results of the games you reached or even the wallpaper and the icons in your mobile are almost everything you see on your screen you could share it with ease.

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The way Apple mobile users used it was to press the button power and the home page at the same time, but in an iPhone X phone the situation is completely different to the mobile comes without a button on the homepage

Apple officially launched its smartphone iPhone X a while ago and the phone recently started to access users. There is already a set of phone changes, the most important of which is the screen and removing the home button and thus changing the way the screen imaging was based on this button.

How to take a Screenshot pictures of the iPhone X

  1. Open the page you want to photograph
  2. Press the Power key and the Volume up on both sides of the phone for a long time.
  3. The screen will light up in white, and you’ll hear the sound of capturing the image.

After the image is taken, a thumb image will appear in the bottom right corner, you can press it to start the adjustment and add some visual effects to it.

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