facebook contacts sync

How to sync profile photos from your Facebook contacts?


Since Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it is no longer possible to synchronize its Facebook contacts on its phone (or at least their photos) with the application. This convenient feature can, however, be found through applications which will allow your contacts to have profile photos in turn.


Once the application is installed, you must allow access to your Facebook account and thus enter your identifiers (which may discourage some) and then choose the method of synchronization.


Download UberSync App


android Facebook contacts sync

So you have a choice of three types of synchronization (actually four, but the last is obsolete):

  • Low: It will synchronize contacts only when you request them
  • Average: Synchronize contacts only for those that already exist (the spelling of the first and last names must be identical to those on Facebook)
  • Strong: It synchronizes all your Facebook contacts, even those you do not have the number

In addition to the synchronization type, you can also choose the frequency (automatic or not). After making your choice, your contacts will have photos from their Facebook profile. Note that it is not compulsory to have the Facebook application on your phone to enjoy the synchronization.