Super Mario Run update 2017 the big promo already available

Nintendo’s getting a new mode on Super Mario Run update 2017 today, with more levels and a new game mode.

Great Super Mario Run update 2017 

One year after Super Mario Run appeared in the Play Store, today’s first major update for the game has appeared. It’s the first update with new levels for the game. It is unclear whether Nintendo plans to post even more levels.

Super Mario Run update 2017 is getting a whole new world, which you can go through in single player. The world will play you free if you have played all six existing worlds. There are nine new levels, probably with an end boss. These levels can be played multiple times, to collect all the coins. These challenges are becoming increasingly difficult.

In the first images already show what levels are. It promises a wooded environment with new enemies and spider webs. According to Nintendo, even the most seasoned players are “facing many new surprises.”

Remix 10: A new mode is also part of the game


Super Mario Run update 2017


In addition to the new world, a new mode has been made available, called Remix 10. In this, you’ll soon play ten different short pieces from existing Super Mario Run levels. These pieces are different every time, giving you a different challenge every time. In this mode, special rainbow-colored medals can be won.

In Remix 10, a new character can also be released. It’s about Princess Daisy. After unlocking, they become playable and you can use the double jump in troublesome levels.

The update for Super Mario Run is available today. If you do not have the game yet, you can wait until that day. Nintendo lowers the price (10.99 Dollars for the full game) by half, from September 29th to October 12th.


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