Super Mario Run on Android

Super Mario Run on Android on march 23rd.


super mario run android


The game was officially launched in December on iOS, but not on Android. A point that is about to change since Nintendo indicated that the game would be available on March 23 and that on the Play Store we already find the page of Super Mario Run without the download link.

For security and compatibility reasons, the game required a longer development under the Google OS than in its iOS version. It was, however, time for him to make his arrival since the pre-listings in the Google Play Store are open since the end of December. For the fans, the wait began to become endless!


super mario run android

super mario run android


About 4 million players will have paid the 9.99 euros to access the entire game. It will be necessary to see if the arrival of Super Mario Run on the Play Store can explode this figure, which is very likely being Given that the number of Android smartphones is considerably larger than that under iOS.


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