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Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

the Super Mario Odyssey‬ will be released On 27 October 2017, The new Super Mario Odyssey game is one of the best games in the Mario games series

Super Mario Odyssey

During its live broadcast on the E3 2017 Expo, Nintendo has officially confirmed that the Super Mario Odyssey will be on the Nintendo Switch.

But according to the Australian age group, the Super Mario Odyssey is not suitable for children without parental control.

The organization justified the game given by this classification for being carrying some medium-violence scenes in a cartoon style along with dialogues with an unsuitable language for children under the age of 10.

Super Mario Odyssey

The game producer Yoshiaki Koizumi formally confirmed that the game does not contain a central area (hub) combining the stages as for example with the Palais Princess Peach in Super Mario 64, who was allowed to access the stages through the outstanding paintings at the Princess Palace. Since in this game, there is no central area, and it probably looks a bit similar to the Super Mario Galaxy 2 game from this side, which would have allowed you to move between the stages directly and more simply

This is not the first time that you get a game of Mario games devoted to children on a classification that deprives them of children without parental control. It was acquired by Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy on my age rating similar to what I got it Odyssey

It became possible to control the game in wonderful and beautiful ways at the same time



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