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Super Mario Odyssey: A Homeric Adventure

Super Mario Odyssey: A Homeric Adventure.

It’s a classic. Each new Nintendo console has a new episode of Mario’s adventures. We remember Super Mario 64 (N64) or Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube).

  Super Mario Odyssey

The Nintendo Switch is no exception, and the new, long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey is arguably the most anticipated gamer game this year … after a Zelda Breath of the Wild released a few months ago, already on Switch!

To play before its official release, Friday, October 27, it was obvious to show paw: signature of confidentiality contracts and mandatory configuration of the console in discreet and anonymous mode. No way friends will be aware of our performances once connected to this colorful adventure that, once again, unfolds the know-how and talent of Nintendo monster.

Bowser, the eternal villain of Mario’s adventures, has the firm intention to marry Princess Peach, who does not want to. The former plumber will once again go to the rescue of his sweet, illustration of his patience and perseverance. A pitch worthy of the games of the 1980s and 1990s, probably imagined in 15 seconds, but which hides a masterful adventure.

On giant vegetables

Super Mario Odyssey

We navigate here between colorful worlds that oscillate between realism (the city of New Donk City) and surrealism (the world of cuisine where we navigate on giant vegetables). In addition to the variety of worlds, Super Mario Odyssey brings especially many gameplay innovations.

Thanks to Cappy, Mario can be transformed into many characters and objects: a frog, a tyrannosaur, flames, a taxi (which takes you to a secret place), etc. In the same way, just throw Cappy on an object or an opponent to radically change the gameplay and have access to new abilities, new movements, new platforms.

A varied, fun and accessible game

Super Mario Odyssey

What to vary the pleasure, while the player connects races, jumps and other rolled-balls. The game also moves from 3D phases to other 2D retro look and crazy charm. It’s rich, it’s fun and it’s especially very accessible as the playability, Nintendo requires, is remarkable. Everyone will be able to embark on this gigantic adventure, from the youngest to the most demanding, who will be able to spend dozens of hours as long as we never really die in the game.

Just-one loses a piece after a “fatal” fall. At home, the whole family has tested and approved Super Mario Odyssey, from the 7-year-old fan to the occasional 20-year-old. There is so much to do in the levels that it is possible to go to the basics or try to play all the mini-games and try all the tests (some of which are quite twisted). Nintendo magic without any technological bidding.

Nintendo, the pleasure of playing before all.

Super Mario Odyssey

The Kyoto firm returns to the fundamentals of the video game with this title which guarantees hours of pleasure. “Mario Odyssey is great,” said my son after a few hours of play. There is so much to do! There is no question of speaking of “experience”. Just fun. A concept universal enough to bring all players together and make this title a more than likely best-seller by the end of the year.

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