Stop Facebook from Accessing Your iPhone Contacts

Facebook Messenger requires you to access contacts on your iPhone to search for Facebook accounts associated with these numbers. We are currently in an age that does not respect privacy. It is something that the warrior needs to recover. The number of programs that attempt to infiltrate the wealth of data we have in our phones, computers, The appearance of the wearable “smart watch” parts that follow our whereabouts and near us and more, Facebook has a long history of privacy violation and the latest spyware on users’ messages and this has led to a lot of discontent and anger among many people. Is there a way I can use Facebook Messenger but disable or block access to the rest of my phone? Especially the names of the names on the phone.We will explain on this subject is how to Stop Facebook from Accessing Your iPhone Contacts.

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Stop Facebook from Accessing Your iPhone Contacts through your iPhone settings:

1. Go to your iPhone settings.

2. Look for a Messenger application below the list.

3 – When pressed, show us the accessing granted to the Facebook messenger.

4. What matters to us is access to contacts

5. Now make sure that Facebook Messenger has closed access to the names by disabling the arrow and not appearing in green.

Stop Facebook from Accessing Your iPhone Contacts through Application Facebook Messenger:

1 – Now go to the application of Facebook Messenger and make sure that the synchronization of names is not activated and thus:

2-Log in to Facebook Messenger.

3. Right below, go to the Settings option and click on it.

4. Right below, what we want is Synced Contacts.

5. Disable and stop synchronization for this option. The option is enabled by default.

6. An alert message will appear. Click on the “Stop Syncing” button to confirm that you want to stop syncing the names in iPhone.

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