How to Start Safe Mode in Windows 10

The safe mode is one of the troubleshooting options that has many uses, such as system bug fixes, if a system malfunction occurs or programs cause a system problem that requires you to delete it in any way, and this mode is accessed by pressing the F8 button when you start the operating L. But in the Windows 10 system Microsoft has canceled this feature and in this article we will explain to you several ways in order to get into the safe mode.

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The first Method: How To Use the “Shift + Restart” to Start safe mode

1- Open the Start menu and click on the Power button

power button

2- Press restart


3- Click Power button, press and hold Shift and then Press Restart As indicated by the arrow.

restart windows

4- Then we choose Troubleshoot.


5- And then we choose Advanced Options

Advanced Options

6- Press Startup Settings

Startup Settings

7- Press the restart button as the image

restart windows 10

The windows will be restarted

8- After that, you will see this window, choose what you want

enable Safe Mode

enable Safe Mode or Enable Safe Mode with Networking.

After you press your choice, the device will be restarted and the Safe mode is directly accessed.

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The Second Method: How to Start Safe Mode in Windows 10 by Run Msconfig

1- Open the Run menu by pressing the Windows + R button

2- Type the msconfig command

msconfig Windows-10

3- Click OK

4- It will show us this window and then choose Boot


5- Then press the Safe Boot down and activate it and select Minimal

6- Press OK

7- Press Restart to restart the windows and automatically boot to Safe mode

system configuation

The Third Method: How to Start Safe Mode in Windows 10 by Recovery options

1- Go to the Start menu


2- Press Settings

3- choose Update Security


4- Tap Recovery


5- Press Restart now in the advanced startup option

6- The computer will restart and access advanced options, click on Troubleshoot

7- Then choose Advanced Options and after you go to the next screen, choose Command Prompt

8- The computer will restart again, specify the user name, enter the user’s Password, and then login to the command prompt

bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal

9- Type the command: C:

10- click enter

11- Type the command: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal

12- click enter

13- Then type exit and then inter to get out of the DOS

14- Then Press to Continue on the next screen

The computer will restart again and automatically boot to Safe mode

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