spotify sponsored events

Above you see your playlist the next time possible “Spotify sponsored numbers‘ are. Record companies can afford to bring their songs that way at your attention. In theory, it is songs that fit your interests. Sponsored number is prominently displayed with a clear button to add it to your own playlist.

As yet, the function is only tested on a small group of users, so they confirm to TechCrunch. If these tests are successful, then the chances are that more users will soon see these advertisements. The settings you ‘Sponsored Songs “are off now, though unknown or function remains after the test period. You pay for Spotify Premium, you have anyway not bothered. The paid version of the music service will remain free of advertising.

spotify sponsored event

Spotify hopes to win more money with the new form of advertising. The music service is growing faster than ever and now has over fifty million paying users. Yet the Swedish company knows how to make a profit. The latest annual figures show that Spotify last year recorded a loss of 539 million Dollars, more than twice as many as the year before.

Its work behind the scenes on several new revenues. There are plans for an expensive subscription music with higher quality and are considered new banners in the app. Also paid albums and artists in the future be available only to paying users, just like Apple Music and Tidal.

Spotify for Android: You can download the app at the link below the Play Store. The app itself is free, but for the ad-free premium version, you pay 10 euros per month.