New releases will be reserved for Spotify Premium subscribers

Spotify is a Swedish company based in the United Kingdom has indeed signed a new agreement with the group Universal Music. According to the latter, all the new albums of the artists managed by Universal will be accessible only to the subscribers to the option Spotify Premium and this, within the limit of two weeks.

It is a solution inspired by what is already done on Soundcloud which will soon be implemented on Spotify: premium subscribers will enjoy a few temporary exclusives compared to users of the free service.


Thus, during the two weeks following the release of an album, the titles will only be accessible to premium subscriptions. It will be necessary to wait until this time to see the catalog of free titles expand in this way new things. It is remembered that this idea was democratized by the pop star Taylor Swift. After forcing Apple to review its compensation strategy, she asked Spotify to make her new album available only to premium members in the United States, but outside the country, where she has fewer fans, To allow access to everyone.

Spotify had refused the request by explaining that the manager of the group could not assure the company that the album in question would not be broadcast free on other platforms like YouTube.

Since then, things have evolved and we imagine that Spotify will try to find similar agreements with other majors like Sony Music or Warner Music.