Download And Install Sp Flash Tool

Download SP Flash Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool) is very important because this program allows you to publish any custom ROM on the MTK smartphone, and here we will talk about SP Flash Tool and its features.

We put in your hands tools and programs of flashing, We consider that we choose the most reliable and tested raster installation programs, which rely on the largest audience of experts in the world of software for smartphones operating Android and devices that contain the processor MediaTek in particular so Follow us in to this article to download SP Flash Tool and learn to Use it because we have written about the explanation of FlashTool and how to use it to install ROM and return the original ROM on Windows.

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Features of SP Flash Tool

MTK Smart Phone Roms: This is the most important feature of this program allows you to flash any MTK smartphone, which also works on Android. It also allows you to install old versions of ROM or upgrade to a newer one with just a few clicks.

Install Recovery: If there is a problem with the recovery, you can add the original device recovery again or add another new Recovery to your phone.

Memory Test: The program also allows users to check or test random access memory (RAM) on external memory and NAND memory on the device directly.

Change the default device settings: Fully control the default phone settings and add settings that suit you and we advise in these settings to deal with it carefully and by those who have experience in dealing with Android.

Device Reset (Universal Reset): The software also enables users to power the fragmentation of your smartphone, which operates on integrated circuits designed by MediaTek Inc.

Download SP Flash Tool

Here Direct links to download Smartphone Flash Tool:

Smartphone FlashTool v5.1744 – Latest  Download
SP Flash v5.1736  Download
SPFlash Tool 5.1628 Download 
SPFlash Tool 5.1624 Download 
SPFlash Tool 5.1620 Download 
Linux 32 Bit version Download 
SP FlashTool 5.1524.00 Download 
SP FlashTool 5.1520 Download 
SPFlashTool for Linux – 64 Bit Download 
 SPFlashTool v3.1224.0.100 Download 

How to Use Sp Flash tool

1. Download and install the MTK phones on your computer (Note: if you have installed the DVR before on your computer, you can skip this step).

Download link: to download the driver click here.

2. Turn off the smartphone and remove the battery (if it is removable).

3. You should search for and download the original ROM, which you think is suitable for your smartphone and do not forget to decompress the compressed file (zip, rar or other) onto your computer.

4. Download SP Flash Tool and extract it onto your computer. After extracting (means decompressing).

How to use sp flash tool

5. Now open Flash_tool.exe (which you will find with the extracted files).

How to use sp flash tool

6. As soon as the SP Flash Tool is released, click the Download tab.

download sp flash tool

7. On the Download tab, click the scatter-loading button now.

download sp flash tool

8. Now, select the Scatter file (you’ll find it in the folder where you extracted the ROM files).

download sp flash tool

9. Click the Download button to start the flash process.

smartphone flash tool

10. connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.

Note: Some phones require:

  • Connect the phone without a battery, if it is removable.
  • After connecting the device directly to the computer, press the Volume Down or Volume Up button so that the computer can detect and recognize the phone easily.

11. When the flash is complete, the success sign will appear.

mtk flash tool

12. Close the SP Flash Tool from your computer and disconnect the smartphone from the computer.



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