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Sony Robot Dog Aïbo return to the market

Ten years after stopping the first version, a new version of Sony robot dog Aïbo return to the market from January 2018.

Aïbo junior has not really grown up. It is always a small dog about thirty centimeters high. Equipped with camera, microphone, and sensors,  will be in the market the next January in Japan at a price to 1500 euros .
 Sony Robot Dog Aïbo
The new model, always made of smooth plastic, has softer shapes. You will have a more advanced artificial intelligence that can be enriched through interaction with your teacher and even through a form of collective intelligence through the cloud.

This version of Sony robot dog Aïbo launched in 1999 whose manufacture stopped in 2006-2007. The Japanese were pioneers in this area, but sometimes in technology some innovations arrive too early and do not achieve the expected success. He had sold  160,000 robot of the first Aïbo dog , which was already a highly evolved product for the time. This return after more than 10 years of absence also allows Sony to internally reactivate its teams of engineers specializing in robotics.

Sony Robot Dog Aïbo

If Aibo can casually serve to monitor your home in your absence thanks to its integrated video camera, But the most interesting is certainly the artificial intelligence that Sony has embarked on his little robot, aibo uses deep learning methods to analyze the images and sounds it captures. According to the company, this would allow him, by learning from his users, to evolve to develop a “unique personality” (which we strongly doubt, by the way). It also uses a cloud platform to access the data of other aibo, but it will unfortunately cost you 22 euros per month.Another shadow on the board: autonomy, because Sony announces a limited lifetime to only 2 hours (for 3 hours of charge). It’s still a shame for a gadget supposed to accompany us on a daily basis.

Aïbo is above all a pet robot. It is a pet that runs, plays with the ball and wags its tail when it sees you, without having to feed it or take it out. This concept of business robot, not necessarily easy to understand in Europe, had attracted many old people in Japan. There was even a funeral for the broken Aïbo . Aibo is proof that you can attach to a robot.

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