Snapchat will also allow for research into the stories


You can soon be in Snapchat Search Videos Stories. There is always something to see in the application. The function will first be tested is still limited.

Snapchat Search Stories

In an effort to stay ahead of Snapchat clones on the market, Snapchat introduces search capability in Snapchat Stories. There is always something to see in the application. According to Snapchat these stories over time because given another function. Previously, short videos only intended to share personal perspectives, but today all sorts of situations are dealt with. Think of a sports game, a specific place or just something fans like puppies. 

2017 shows the year at Snapchat’s best research. The free application formerly congested offers, even more, possibilities to easily find the content. It was already possible to find friends and discover channels this year. To use the search, drag your finger to the left and hit the search bar at the top of the screen.

This does not mean that you will encounter the stories of all users by doing a search. The stories must be added because of our story of Snapchat. Still, Snapchat says there’s already more than finding a million stories. Snapchat uses machine learning to determine what is happening in videos. The new research is a small test in some American cities at present. Hope that the function rolls quickly around the world.

Stories of Instagram

With Instagram, stories are already possible to see the stories of others. If you go to the search page, there are some top of the Stories of Aliens screen that you can watch. Yet it is impossible to search for stories.