Top 10 Tips and Tricks to better Use Snapchat App

Snapchat New Features Update

Though Snapchat recent months lost many users to Instagram, the app does everything to keep people interested. The company last night rolled out an update that adds four Snapchat New Features: paper clips, voice filters, and backgrounds.

1. Tune Filters

Snapchat can have long faces and distort your surroundings, but now the app focuses on your voice. You can apply the new voice filters to distort the sound of videos. Before you take out a video and then select the bottom left of the speaker. There are several filters present, such as a hamster, bear or robot. Snapchat Knowing follow in the coming time.

2. Background

Skins are similar to the bokeh effect on some smartphones. First, you choose the background you want to use and then passes on to sweep the objects belong to the foreground. So you can shoot a snazzy picture of you and your friends with a beautiful background.

snapchat new features

3. Paper clips

A nice article or a remarkable site to your Snaps pair was hitherto impossible. With Paper clips that change. While making a Snapchat message you can add a link. Receive your friends that post, they swipe upward to open the link.

4. Your own geofilter (only in the US)

Geofilters can now be found in Snapchat years. Adding a new geo filter previously still quite some fuss, but slowly it gets easier. Users now have on-demand ordering their own snapchat geofilter through the app. Do you, for example, need a filter for a wedding or a birthday party, you can. That filter is then (temporarily) available to everyone on the location chosen.

There are some snags to this function. For example, an own geofilter least $ 6. Do you want to cover a larger area, or the filter needs more than one day are active, you will pay more? Moreover, this feature is currently only available in the United States.

Snapchat for Android: The latest version of Snapchat can be downloaded via the link below. The app is free and works on almost any modern Android smartphone.