smartphone DNA sequencing

The smartphone will soon realize the DNA sequencing.


smartphone DNA sequencing


Researchers have devised a microscope that, coupled with the photo sensor of a smartphone, is able to detect the fluorescent products of DNA sequencing reactions in cells and tissues. Perform advanced diagnostics without the need for a lab.

The technological advances they have in recent years, DNA sequencing has become faster and cheaper to produce. And in the not too distant future, this analysis is likely to be doable in the field with the help of a smartphone.

A team of scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Universities of Stockholm and Uppsala (Sweden) presented a microscope that uses the camera of a smartphone. The device is able to detect the fluorescent products of DNA sequencing reactions in cells and tissues. In practice this means that a physician could, for example, connect the instrument to a smartphone and carry out specific DNA sequencing or molecular analysis of a tumor in places that lack a laboratory.


            smartphone DNA sequencing

According to the researchers, this mobile tool would theoretically diagnose cancers or infectious diseases almost anywhere. What evolves towards the advanced telemedicine the realization of the definitive diagnosis without need of technical resources.

The device in question here consists of an adapter manufactured by 3D printing, which is attached to the camera of a Lumia 1020 smartphone. The accessory includes two laser diodes for fluorescence imaging and the white emitting diode for the transmission of pictures. Conclusive tests were performed on colon cancer cell lines and on human tumor samples. Image processing is handled using an auto-learning algorithm.

Despite this more encouraging success, researchers believe that their “smartphone microscope” can still achieve greater accuracy and deep level sequencing. But the power of these mobile devices really has the potential to revolutionize biomedical travel travel with the key, the ability to deal with people who currently do not have access to this type of medicine.