This smartboy turns your Android smartphone into a GameBoy

Got home some old GameBoy games are, you now have a reason to get them out of the moving box. The smartboy you connect to your smartphone, and you put the GameBoy cartridge into the back of the device. On the front, you will find the traditional directional pad and other buttons of the old GameBoy, while games are shown at the top of your smartphone screen.

The smartboy supports GameBoy- as GameBoy Color games. This means that a very large number of classics are playable. Think of Tetris, Super Mario Land, and the first Pokémon games. You should, therefore, of course, have the original cartridges, but which is found often in large numbers on construction sites. Additionally, you can download according to developers via the Play Store soon GameBoy Advance games and play, although not entirely clear how it works.

smartboy android smartphone

Alternative for SNES Classic Mini:

Hyperkin showed smartboy about two years ago for the first time, then even if 1 April joke. After an avalanche charge of positive reactions, the company decided to develop the actual accessory. Thus the company is smart in the retro trend. Nintendo launched earlier this month the SNES Classic Mini, a small console that you can connect to your TV in order to play Super Nintendo games.

Because Samsung collaborated to produce the smartboy is optimised for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. However, the device works well on most other Android smartphones with a screen of 5.2 to 6 inches. Batteries are not required a USB port or c. Although smartboy is only available from September, you can go to British merchants already place a pre-order. There you can order it for converted about 70 $.