smart reply Gmail

Google does Smart Reply to Gmail for Android. Smart Reply to Gmail analyzes artificial intelligence automatically what is in your emails. On this basis, the app automatically puts a few answers for you. If you get an email in which someone, for example, asks if you want to meet on Saturday or Sunday, the app automatically creates three messages for you, where you can choose immediately a day. This way you do not self-tapping a comment.

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The system works to change under the hood by sentences in a string of numbers. Several sentences which are formulated differently but have the same meaning, you get the same grade. So the app can quickly get answers to the top, without really looking at the text.

Smart Reply to Gmail

Smart Reply has already been introduced in other Google email app in 2015, Inbox by Gmail. That app is designed to work through your emails as soon as possible. Inbox is more often used to test new features for Gmail, and Smart Reply is a good example.Preliminary Smart Reply only works for the English version of Gmail. In the coming weeks will also be rolled out support for Spanish, other languages will follow. When Dutch’s turn, is still unknown.

Gmail is preinstalled on most Android smartphones.If you do not have it yet, you can download it via the link below the Play Store.

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