SlideJoy: The App wish Going to Make you Rich

Hello ! these days we provide you with the tutorial to form cash simply while not doing anything!
The application is called SlideJoy.

Slidejoy may be an easy application which will earn you cash in exchange for displaying advertisements on the screen lock your phone.
You do not ought to have interaction with ads, simply use your phone as was common.In a nutshell, it puts ads and news on your lock screen, and in exchange, you earn ‘Carats’ that can be exchanged for real money and checked into your PayPal account.



The application provides you two ways in which to unlock your phone:
1.Coupling right can take you to your home screen.
2. The left slider can enable you to interact with the content to be told a lot of.

You can conjointly earn cash by finishing TrialPay offers.
The support is five hundred “carats” you would like a vigorous godchild on an associate unknown period for currently.

Get 20$ once you’ve signed up for this site

Then, set your lock for none within the SlideJoy choices,
restart the phone and go! The payment threshold is two hundred Carats relating to Paypal or two Euros.

How many “carats” do I would like before I will trade them?
Once you win two hundred Slidejoy Carats, you’ll be able to live or gift cash for charity (once you have got used Slidejoy Locker for a month). a hundred Carats is adequate one €.


When Am I Paid?
You get paid to unlock each month and you’ll be able to be rewarded via Paypal, via gift card or gift cash to a charity.
Is Slidejoy Locker discharging my battery?
Short answer, no. Long answer, completely not.


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