How to create an album in Google Photos




Be aware that you can share photos, videos, albums, movies, and stories with people of your choice, even if they do not use the Google Photos app.

Here’s how to do it from your mobile:

> Open the Google Photos app.

 >In the upper right corner, press “Create“.

 >Select “Album”.

 >Select the photos and videos to include in the album.

 >Press OK.

>Here’s the procedure from your computer:

 >Go to

 >Position the mouse pointer over a photo or video and select it.

 >Select other items to include.

 >At the top right, click “Create“.

 >Select “Album”.

>Now that the photo album has been created, you need to enable album sharing.

Enable album sharing
Enabling sharing an album allows you to send certain photos to others by giving them a link.

> Open the album you want to share.

 >At the top right, press or click “More“.

 >Select “Sharing Options“.

 Enable the “Share Album” option. Use the generated link to share the album. All those who have this link have access to the album.

You can, of course, disable this option and no one will have access to it. And photos added by other people will be deleted.

How to create a collaborative album
Note that by enabling the “Collaborate” option, you allow others to add content to the album you create.

You can group photos and videos of several people within a single album.

> Open the album for which you want to enable collaboration.

> At the top right, press or click “More“.

> Select “Sharing Options“.

> Enable the “Collaborate” option. If you do not see this option, first activate the “Share Album” option.

 Use the generated link to share the album. Anyone who has this link can add photos and videos to this album.