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How to Send Money via iMessage in iOS 11 on iPhone

To use iMessage for money transfer, you must have an iPhone running iOS 11 or later. You will also need the most recent version of the Circle Pay app, but the iMessage capabilities are not limited to messenger you can use for queries and money transfers. How? Now we tell you the tip to Send Money via iMessage in iOS 11.

How to transfer Money via iMessage in iOS 11?

Circle Pay is a great find in the banking section because it offers an ultra-easy and fast service to send (and receive) money. As simple as an SMS, paying a friend with Circle Pay is a breeze and moreover, it does not cost you anything. You will be able to transfer funds to whomever you want in the whole world! The recipient must simply be in possession of an iPhone or an Android device connected to the Internet and able to receive SMS messages. It is not necessary that he uses iOS 11. Once he has downloaded the application, he will have to register with Circle.

How to Use Circle Pay to Send & Receive Money via iMessage in iOS 11?

Once you have installed Circle Pay, you must create an account and link your account and credit card. You can then start sending or receiving money. If your friend does not have the app and you make a transfer, they will receive a link to download Circle Pay. Then everything happens in the messages of the application. Circle Pay even offers to personalize the text messages sent during payments with emojis, text or even a photo. Nice and nice. Of course, you can also go through iMessage.


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