scan documents with the Notes app in iOS 11

Each year, Apple improves the Notes application, this time launching one of the main updates to the application, enabling users to scan documents from within the app in iOS 11, Here’s how to scan documents with the Notes app.

Scan documents with Notes App in iOS 11

The document scanning feature that Apple has implemented in the Notes application is very smooth and works well and is easy to use.Apple offers us the ability to scan and annotate our documents. Here are the steps to follow to scan a document with the Notes application:

Scan documents with the Notes app in iOS 11

1.Open the Notes application.
2.Press the “+” at the bottom of your screen.
3.Select the Scan Documents option.
4.Place the camera on the document you want to scan.
5.The Notes application automatically adjusts the angle and takes the best copy of the document.

Scan a document with the Notes in iOS 11

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You can also edit documents after you scan them. Click on the scanned documents to show the Edit toolbar to add more pages, change filters, rotation, and trimming.

Click the share icon from within the scanned documents and the PDF will be output, printed, copied, or shared to external applications.