Today we are going to see how to save an iPhone dropped in water, Apple devices as IPads, iPhones or iPods are relatively expensive, so we use them carefully so as not to be damaged either because they fall from a high place or fall in the water. However, despite all the care and attention, however, these incidents are falling and therefore we decided to offer you this subject to discuss the problem of fall of the iPhone in the water and what steps must be done in this case.

Steps help you to save an iPhone dropped in water

How to Repair an iPhone from Water Damage

1.Take it out of the water and remember to turn it off as soon as possible. To do this, press the power button until it stops. If it is already off, do not turn it on.

2.Use a dry towel to wipe the outer frame of the device to reduce more water inward.

3.If you have protection, remove it. These can trap moisture. You can just leave your screen protector unless there is a water bubble.

4.Open all of the device’s ports, especially the 3.5mm jack and the SIM card and leave the ports open to facilitate ventilation.

5.Now that the exterior is dry, you have to absorb the indoor moisture. For this, the best solution is to lock the phone in an airtight box with moisture-proof bags. If you do not have one, you can also use a plastic bag (if possible with zipper) and fill it with uncooked rice with your iPhone.

How to save an iPhone dropped in water

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6.Move the device towards the outlets of the device and slap it on the palm of the hand to push the water leaking out.

All the steps mentioned in this topic are just a simple first aid kit that anyone can do without any outside help. The speed in implementing these instructions and in this arrangement will help you to reduce the magnitude of the damage