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How to Save Android data on your System

Google is testing a new app to save Android data, Google Triangle is being tested at the moment. It is a new Android app that indicates the amount of data used apps. It is then possible, inter alia, to block loose apps. In the Benelux, we are not prone to insufficient data.

More and more subscriptions offered to let us unlimited surfing, streaming and downloading. This is an exceptional luxury, where people in many countries do not even dare to dream. They need to go just very frugal with their MBs.

android go save android data

Save Android data with Android Go:

Google is now working on several fronts to save data as easy as possible. At Google, I / O 2017 Android Go was announced. This Android version for budget smartphones extra attention to the hand holding data usage.

YouTube Go, for example, shows a preview before the full video loads. The data saving mode in Google Chrome is automatically enabled in Android Go.

Google Apps also increasingly have offline capabilities. This can be downloaded using wifi parts, so no data is consumed on the go.

This emphasis on data saving is important to Google because this is Android smartphones very attractive for emerging markets. In these countries, there is a lot to get to the business, because Apple does not have smartphones for this market for instance.

triangle save android data

Save Android data withTriangle:

Triangle is a new way to address those markets, by imposing controls for data use in the hands of the user. It is also possible in the app to indicate which apps ten minutes, thirty minutes or, to use data.

Providers working with Google on deals in the app. Thus, users are encouraged to download all apps downloaded to use instead of new apps. Here they get additional data for use again as a reward.

It is still not clear whether rolled Triangle later worldwide. Although the app so now can not be downloaded in the US, you have already Triangle available in the Play Store.